#FatGirl Magic


YA Contemporary/Paranormal

Daisy is friendless and fat. Not that she cares–to her fat is just a word and being alone makes her happy. Truthfully, she prefers it that way, but she could certainly live without the bullying and constant slut-shaming over something she didn’t even do. But when her words begin to come true and she accidentally on purpose sets her chemistry partner’s pants on fire she attracts the attention of town golden boy.

Everyone knows Connor. Popular, athletic, charming to the point of absurdity–he loves everything about his life (and himself) except one thing–he’s a vampire. He sleeps with all the girls (and boys) in school but it’s a struggle to form any kind of romantic or emotional attachment with any of them because if they get too close, they’ll learn his secret and the entire town will be destroyed. When he overhears Daisy say something and then it come true seconds later, he can’t stop thinking about her–and can’t figure out if it’s curiosity about her newfound magical ability or something more.

Together, they find out exactly what is happening to Daisy (which Connor may know more about than he’s letting on). Soon, they’re inseparable, confiding in each other and spending all of their time together which draws the ire of the popular crowd. Because popular boys aren’t supposed to hang around fat girls and fat girls don’t get happily ever after. But Daisy’s magic has something to say about that.

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