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Let’s Talk About Love

  • Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
  • Brief Summary: Dating while asexual isn’t easy. Alice swears off love–until she falls for her new coworker.
  • Which Letters: Q(ueer) & A(sexual)
  • Publication Date: January 23, 2018 (Swoon Reads/Macmillan)

#FatGirl Magic

  • Genre: YA Contemporary/Paranormal
  • Pitch: Twilight meets Carrie
  • Brief Summary: When Daisy discovers she can use magic, she attracts the attention of her high school’s golden boy, Connor, who happens to be a vampire-in-hiding.
  • Which Letters?: P(ansexual), Q(ueer), A(sexual)

The Scavenger Hunt  

  • Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
  • Brief Summary: Olive competes in a fear scavenger hunt and her teammate, Ethan, is the boy she has a secret crush on.
  • Notables: Wattpad’s HQ Love 2016 Watty Award

Ring Around The Rosie

  • Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
  • Pitch: Drive Me Crazy meets The Sixth Sense
  • Brief Summary: Rosie can see the dead and her only hope is the boy she hates–her brother’s best friend.