Rambles and Shambles (1)

There’s a certain problematic thing that’s been floating around that asks some questions and sorts them out if you get what I’m saying.

One of the questions is “All I need is…”

Without a shadow of a doubt, I knew my answer was “an opportunity.”


I love Twitter but I am 70% lurker and only 30% tweeter. Other people’s words/tweets do my mental health good. It’s quicker than books or blog posts.

This resonated with me today: “Write unapologetically. Own the page.”

Before that, there was this: “In our mind, people are judging us for what we don’t have. In reality, people see what we DO have and celebrate that.”

And this: “Be present. Show up.”


I hereby give myself permission. 

When you’re ready, do the same for yourself.


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